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Vapor cigarettes banned from RU schools

Save Dallas, TX — ( SBWIRE ) — 07/02/2013 — The vapor cigarette industry is riding a wave of popularity across the world as people are finding it as an alternative to conventional one with almost equal taste and feel but with less harmful chemicals. The vapor cigarette products are available in tobacco stores, gas station and retail stores worldwide. However, the industry witnesses the biggest business for e cigarettes through online. Unlike tobacco cigarette which produces smoke, vapor cigarette emits vapor and does not affect the surroundings. Many customers have provided their reviews on electronic cigarette as the perfect substitute to tobacco cigarette. One of the users says, I dont smoke when my grandbabies visit me in vacations and I try to use e cigarettes to avoid any harmful effects on them. In the fight for better health, more places to vape and wide variety of flavors offered by vapor cigarette industry, people are predicting bright future of this industry.
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The early policy is to prevent future problems with the popular new way to smoke, Superintendent Ron Stoneman said. We are aware of the popularity of the vapor option, Stoneman said. The board wants to be ahead of the game to avoid any potential problematic situations later. In his three years as superintendent, Stoneman said there has not been an incident with teachers using tobacco products on campus. And with good reason teachers know they face possible termination if caught smoking on school grounds. Michigan state law bans tobacco from being inhaled, chewed or placed in a person’s mouth at school. The new language in RU’s policy prohibits: The smoking of electronic, vapor’ or substitute forms of cigarettes, clove cigarettes or other lighted smoking devices for burning tobacco or any other substance. Michigan law allows school staff to use tobacco products on weekends and other days when there are no regularly scheduled school hours.
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Smokers baffled over Vapor Cigarettes usage reviews

As per sources, Vapor Cigarette brands claims to use their products almost anywhere. They say that Smokers can use electronic cigarettes at those places where tobacco cigarettes are banned. Ray Story, chief executive officer of Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association in support of these brands states, E-cigarettes as a whole have no secondhand smoke, they dont emit anything. But Stanton Glantz, Director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, University of California opposes the above statement, he says, E Cigarette emit toxic chemicals into the environment. My opinion is that theyre dangerous not as dangerous as conventional cigarettes but that theyre dangerous. Related to the context, says that as rules are not imposed, it is confusing for Smokers to decide where to vape and where not. Experts say that FDA will soon regulate them in order to provide Smokers with safer vapor cigarette products. As safer products are well tested and provides best electronic cigarette experience.
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